I offer customized guided meditations to help you:


✾ build confidence

✾ release anxiety

✾ develop self love

✾ build self-trust

✾ improve your love life

✾ increase motivation              

...and anything else you may struggle with.

Meditation combined with affirmations will access your

subconscious mind and undo mental traps that keep you stuck.


spontaneous, self-governing,

within or without control



pertaining to the senses or sensation



signifying a peak, climax, or point of highest development



referring to an experience triggered by something

external or internal


Let's talk one-on-one over Skype about what's on your mind. Together we can address your personal struggles/questions and how to transform them, or anything else you want to talk about.

These sessions are for those who truly connect with my content and benefit from my perspective. All information shared between us is confidential.

Contact me here for details and pricing!

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