The Experience

Access Your Human is a movement workshop and sensory experience that will bring you a deeper connection to your body, environment, and spirit.

Suited for all ages, body types, and athletic levels.

Awaken the creative force within you and

discover the unique way your body prefers to move.


My goal is to help you develop your ability to listen and respond to your body's instincts.

The body is the physical representation of the subconscious mind - by becoming fluent in our body's language, we can resolve unconscious issues, emotional patters, imbalances, blockages and more.

This workshop is intended to empower you with the tools, knowledge and experience to access freedom and joy within your body, and in turn, within your life.


Your body is your vehicle to other dimensions.

Together, we can explore the unknown and experience the depth of what this reality has to offer.



✾ Breathwork, meditation, guided bodywork and massage (with a partner, using gentle pressure on the muscles, light push/pulling of the limbs, etc)

✾ Gentle, deep exercises and self-massage techniques to improve mobility within the neck, spine, shoulders, ribs, hips, knees, feet, hands, etc.

✾ Sensory games using the environment and partner exercises to elevate your ability to smell, touch, taste, hear, and see

✾ Mindful execution of basic quadrupedal movements (crawling, galloping, hopping, etc) to build full-body strength

✾ Movement fluidity, transitioning easily and swiftly from one move to the next, practice falling and getting up using momentum

✾ Finding creative ways to improve strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility using the environment, learning to move in harmony with nature

✾ Kinetic games with a partner to stimulate creative movement improvisation, learning to communicate with and be sensitive to another body

✾ Practicing self love and developing a healthy, honest relationship with yourself - allowing your body to act as a tool for emotional expression



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